Heat Acclimation through Sauna Treatment

Heat Acclimation through Sauna Treatment

Most Ironman Hawaii athletes who live in temperate climates will utilize saunas (more than steamrooms is sounds ) to aid with the long hot afternoon at the lava fields and vitality laboratory. Here’s an excerpt in the Ben Greenfield podcast that temporarily deals with it (he’s a lot more to state, have a look at his site . . .

And afterward, another issue to think about here is that the simple fact that in case you do not wanna conquer up your body in the warmth, let us say you really do decide you don’t enjoy how you feel you feel as though your body’s shot a way more time to recuperate after those hot day runs (which can be accurate, you are gonna take more time to recuperate ), you can perform what is called passive heating acclimation instead of busy heat acclimation. You may probably imagine what passive heating acclimation are.

Brock [Armstrong]: Simply laying there at sunlight.

Exactly. Thus, steam room, sauna. The gap between passive acclimation and busy heat acclimation (which is something I will be speaking about from the webinar I am performing on January 31st with USA Triathlon. We are going to place a link to this in the show notes) Is you wanna warmth acclimate for an occasion. You may get away with only doing 45-60 minute sessions for 7-10 days in a row with busy heat acclimation. Exercising in the heat lasted for approximately 4-6 days before your event but using passive heat acclimation, you want nearer 4-8 weeks and minimum of 10 times where you are not gonna substantially reaction where you are doing anywhere from 30-60 minutes sauna sessions each 1-3 days.

Therefore understand that if you are using passive, it is not quite as strong as busy heat acclimation however you recover quicker. By way of instance, what I will do, I have got this 1 workout I do where I simply wanna be certain I’m not gonna get hurt so I have some simple external spinning with elastic tube for my own shoulder and performing unwanted lying leg raises in my hip and performing just a tiny bit of planking out of my deep abdominal and I will just go to a sauna and perform this dull workout which would otherwise be comparatively non-stressful. You wanna bring a journal in there and end up this 20-minute session with studying the magazine for 20 minutes and before you know it, you have your passive acclimation session within it. So that is a simpler means to do it”