Steam Generators for Steam Rooms

  1. Happybuy 6 KW Steam Generator

The Happybuy 6 KW Steam Generator is perhaps the cheapest steam room solution on the market. The review for this unit are great all-around, and for under $400, you really can’t complain.

It comes with a controller as seen below:

The steam injector looks like this:

The only drawback is that this unit cannot be used on 110v+110v power. It is designed for 220V-240V and for rooms no bigger than 250 cubic feet.

The features include a fault self-diagnosis display function, leakage protection, high temperature protection, over voltage protection, water protection, and line pressure safety.

The temperature can be set between 95F to 131F. The working time is between 1 to 60 min adjustable.

As of this writing, the unit goes for around $159.99USD on Amazon with free shipping. See below:

2. Kohler K-5529-NA, 9 KW, Aluminum

This unit is five times more expensive than the Happybuy, but it is a Kohler with quite a few more features. The reviews are also great all-around, and this unit has been popular with large condominium buildings and their common areas.

The advantage of the Kohler unit is that it can heat up a 240 cubic foot steam room in about 60 seconds, and it is compatible with Kohler DTC+ showering systems.

Note that this unit is not sold with a controller or steam injector. Those must be purchased separately. We will detail one below.

3. KOHLER K-5557-CP Invigoration Series Steam Generator Control Kit

This control kit comes with a control panel and steam head with aromatherapy reservoir. The different aromas are sold separately.

It is compatible with Kohler invigoration systems ranging between 5KW to 15KW.

The temperature range is 90F to 125F degrees and session durations 1 to 60 minutes.

It also controls the Kohler system self-cleaning and maintenance that is standard with all Kohler steam injectors.

4. EliteSteam 7.5 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System

Another excellent steam unit that is inbetween the high-end quality of the Kohler, and the affordable reliability of a Happybuy. This unit is manufactured by Steamist, a respectable manufacturer known across the steam industry, and uses high quality stainless steel tanks and components that will last you for several years.

This unit comes with its own installation kit, control panel, and steam head, and can fit into almost any space. See below:

This unit is made in the USA, so parts are easy to find and replace. Steamist offers a 10-year extended warranty on parts only.

This unit works with steam rooms up to 250 cubic feet.

5. Mr Steam MS-150-EC1 Steam Bath Generator Package

Here is our personal favourite, and the steam generator that we currently use in our steam room. Mr. Steam is the current industry leader, and provides the highest quality steam room experience you can possibly have. If money is not an issue, look no further than this unit.

This unit comes with a control panel, steam head, and lighting control.

It features Aroma and Chroma. Aroma: injects eucalyptus into the steam room for a soothing and relaxing experience. Chroma: controls the lighting system for light therapy.

The Time and Temperature panel can be mounted inside or outside the room.

The most important part about Mr. Steam products, is their patented AutoFlush technology which automatically and electronically introduces fresh water before use and then drains the generator tank after it is used.

In terms of product lifespan, the performance of Mr.Steam is unparalleled in the industry. It operates quietly, is easy to connect, and is proven and tested by a company that specializes strictly in steam for 25 years.

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